Affiliated to the Bed's County ASA and the East Region ASA, Modernian SC aims to encourage and develop its swimmers to achieve their maximum potential


Honorary Club - President Joan Wheeler

When our sons joined the teaching scheme at Modernians in the early 1990’s I was keen to get involved with the club. As a former competitive swimmer I was aware that clubs relied on the active support of parents and consequently joined the committee and shortly after qualified as an ASA Timekeeper and Judge. I was Chair of Modernians for ten years and during this time oversaw substantial changes and modernisation of the club. 

Although my sons have now hung up their goggles I continue to be actively involved in the sport and swim regularly for fitness. I have been County Secretary of Bedfordshire ASA for the past ten years and have been honoured to be County President in 2002 and again in 2011. I qualified as an ASA Referee in 2010 and have recently been elected to the Regional Management Board.

I am passionate about swimming and the opportunities it presents to swimmers of all ages, but particularly young people. I am always thrilled when the swimmers from Modernians do well at the county, regional and national championships and am equally delighted to hear that former Modernians have put the range of life skills they have developed as competitive swimmers to use in their adult life.

Chairperson - Joanne Stalley

I used to swim for my school many years ago but got involved in swimming again when my two children were born, as I believe it is a life skill that every child should be given an opportunity to learn. They both went through lessons and both decided that they quite liked it and might like to compete which is when they joined the Modernians.

I was approached by Ian (then our Junior Squad coach) in 2006 asking if I had time to help out with some of the admin for the Junior Squad and a few months later was asked to join the committee by the then chair Joan Wheeler.

I started just by doing gala entries for him for the Junior Squad, then it was setting up a communication system for the Junior squad which then became the Senior squad communication system as Jessica moved in the Seniors. At the same time Nicholas moved from Bridging Squad into the Junior Squad so I became the administrator 'without portfolio' for both!

I was invited to take over from Joan in 2007 as chair and my role within the club as a volunteer has grown since. I am totally committed to giving something back to the club and swimming in general as both of my children are keen competitive swimmers. Without volunteers, the club could not exist and without volunteers, competitive swimming would not exist. I try to be very visible and available on training nights but if you don't see me at a pool, do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

 Recently I have completed the YMCA L2 Fitness Instructor course and have now completed and qualified as L3 Personal Trainer.

Treasurer - Doug Alcock

My career as a swimming official started from humble beginnings. Having found it difficult to stay awake between by children’s races in the humid warm environment of swimming galas, I adopted the tactic of timing any swimmer from the club using my stopwatch! I feel as though I was talent spotted! Because the club then invited me to attend a timekeeping course to learn how to do it properly. This was swiftly followed by Judge Level 1 and 2 courses, and before I knew it I was qualified to wear white clothes at galas, hold a clip board and have one of the best seats in the house! This has most definitely added to my enjoyment and appreciation of swimming and seeing Ben, and more recently Hayley, racing for club. 

 I have always been a keen sportsman and enjoy a challenge. In recent years I helped set up ‘Bedford Park Challenges’ to satisfy my (slightly) competitive nature with a group of friends, and train for an annual challenge each year. Although I have never had a talent for swimming; I do appreciate the necessity for hard work and dedication from swimmers and coaches. To me, this club tries hard to provide the best possible facilities for its swimmers at all levels. Therefore, over the past couple of years I have willingly organised the club swim camps to Italy, as well as the 2011 junior swim camp to Harrogate. This has brought me in to much closer contact with the club committee and coaches , and I was invited to take over the role as club treasurer.  

Secretary - Su Felce


When Charlotte joined Modernian Swimming Club I knew it would not be long before I would be helping out, Many years ago I swam for MSC but at the age of 12 I stopped as I was also a keen Synchronised swimmer which I did at County, Regional and National Level. From my days in the sport I know that all clubs revolve around volunteers and I was more than happy to join the committee when I was approached.
For the last 20+ years I have worked as a swimming teacher and I am currently Pool Manager at a local Independent School so I am experienced in many areas of aquatic work both from a teaching/coaching side as well as from a management side of things too, I therefore felt that I had lots of experience to bring to the club and help with various aspects within the Club.
Pretty much as soon as Charlotte started at MSC I became a Team Manager, like many other parents I would far rather take an active role at galas rather than sit twiddling my thumbs in the spectator area!
I was Welfare Officer from 2009 - 2014 and have been on numerous courses as a volunteer for the Club. I have also travelled with the Club on training camps to Hungary, Italy, Spain Portugal and Bath although these trips involve a lot of work they are great fun.
Although I stepped down as Welfare Officer in 2014 I was still keen to volunteer my services to the Club as I am a strong believer in giving something back to the sport, so when the position of Club Secretary became available; I couldn’t not step forward.


Georgie Ashdown

Welfare Officer- Georgie Ashdown

As a child I swam from an early age but quickly got bored. At age 10 I started synchronised swimming. I competed at national and international level for 9 years. Travelling all over the world to compete at European and World championships. I became involved in MSC when my son, Ben wanted to start competing and instead of sitting for hours in the spectator seats, I started team managing; something that I had experience in from a swimmers perspective. I have more recently taken on the role of welfare officer for the club. Outside of the club I have been qualified as a paediatric Physiotherapist since 1999 specialising in musculoskeletal disorders. In my job, safeguarding children is a key role so it made sense to take on this role within MSC


Membership Secretary - Paula Bailey

Swimming is Eloise’s passion and her school PE teacher recommended that she should join MSC. Accordingly she was accepted into bridging squad and from there quickly progressed into the Junior squad and the world of competitive swimming with all of its ups and downs.

In 2012 I was approached by Jo with a view to taking on the role of Membership Secretary and joining the committee, which I agreed to do as the club can only operate with volunteers.
Since then I have also trained as a team manager, supporting the coaches by looking after and organising the swimmers poolside at galas which enables the coaches to concentrate on the performances.
Now Jacob has become a member of bridging squad so I suspect I will be involved in the wonderful world of swimming for some years to come.

Schools Liaison - Julie Langford

Although a reasonable swimmer, being able to swim properly was something that I always wished I could do.  So I enrolled my children in swimming lessons.  Somewhere along the line we ended up at Modernian SC .  Thomas was asked to join the Junior squad and really enjoyed it. The next thing I knew he was competing regularly all over the place.  Kate and Oliver followed and started to compete and I decided it was time to get more involved and help out.  However, officiating wasn’t an option as I can’t stand the heat, so after a bit of encouragement I joined the committee.  To begin with I just helped out when required but over the years and as time allowed, I became more involved.  Having worked in education for the past 8 years it seemed apt to take on the role as ‘Schools Liaison Officer’.  This involves raising our profile with local schools and helping to organise ‘crash courses’.  I’m also involved with fundraising, organising  ‘Bag Packing’ events.  I am usually at BMS on a Wednesday and Robinson on a Friday. Modernian SC has given my children many fantastic opportunities over the years and they and I have made many friends.   I however, much to my kids despair,  still cannot swim a proper stroke.

Social Secretary - Judy Summerfield

 When my daughter Abigail (Abi) joined Modernian Swimming Club 5 years ago, I suppose I knew I would probably end up getting involved in one form or another. I was involved in the toddler group playgroup, PTA and junior football with Abi's elder siblings for the best part of 20 years after all.

 I organise the social and fund-raising events and do the teas on Wednesdays at BMS, to earn much needed revenue for the club. This also raises our profile within the community and encourages more to join our club. I take great pride in what I do and if I have a fault, it's that I throw myself into something and expect everyone else to be as committed as me! I rely heavily on other parent volunteers to help and wouldn't be able to do half of what I do without them and that is the point really, all of us on the committee are volunteers who willingly give up our time to try and make Modernian Swimming Club the best it can be. The way I see it is that it is my way of giving back to the club what Abi has taken out, at the end of the day I am here most of the time so I may as well make that time productive. She and I have made life long friendships, been all over the country and Abi has been to Italy and Hungary with the club and even done some swimming along the way!


Swim 21 - Raffaella Villa

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Workforce Development Coordinator - Fran Webb


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Officials Coordinator - Nikki Sangster


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