Affiliated to the Bed's County ASA and the East Region ASA, Modernian SC aims to encourage and develop its swimmers to achieve their maximum potential

Dry Land / Strength & Conditioning Training



To be a good swimmer, you must possess technical skill, muscular balance and strong athletic ability. In addition to training in the water, you need to participate in dry land workouts as a way to stay competitive. Modernian SC offers a fully comprehensive dry land/strength and conditioning programme for all swimmers. From cardiovascular conditioning exercises, through stretching and flexibility, strengthening the core and right through to strength training, we offer sessions poolside, outside and in the gym. Training is undertaken with the LTAD in mind, specifically for the ages of swimmers in the sessions.

Our key objectives are ones that directly impact performance (i.e. improving power for the underwater pulling action), and others that contribute indirectly (e.g. improving core strength can result in better body alignment and therefore improve streamlining). Core strength also links to other body parts and helps prevent injury occurrence.

To summarise, land training can aid performance improvements through developing:

Functional Core Strength (e.g. Body weight, Swiss Ball work)

Injury prevention & Strength (e.g. Tubing and Band work)

A comprehensive range of movement in key joint areas (particularly shoulder, hips, and back)

Functional Strength & Power (e.g. looking at gym equipment and exercises to simulate stroke technique)

Greater functional muscle tissue and recruitment of muscle fibre (i.e. improving muscle strength and power)




OEF Logo




Modernian Swimming Club are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Optimum Elite Fitness (OEF), a private Strength & Conditioning company for the 2013/2014 season. OEF are a team of University lecturers, Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Chartered Physiotherapists who will be supporting our elite athletes at MSC this season.

OEF’s aim is to enhance the performance of elite level athletes through the use of evidence-based strength and power training, allowing our swimmers to maximize their athletic potential.

OEF’s process begun with providing our athletes with a series of movement screens. This consisted of a series of mobility, stability and strength tests to identify where our swimmers need improvement in their bodies and at what level to start the weight room programmes. Once a desired level of ‘equilibrium’ has been achieved in their movement (as identified by re-screening), the goal is to safely progress our athletes onto higher level strength and power training. This will allow our swimmers to increase their explosive power from the start and turn, and increase their stroke rate which will translate to improved swimming times.