Affiliated to the Bed's County ASA and the East Region ASA, Modernian SC aims to encourage and develop its swimmers to achieve their maximum potential

Club Kit

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Club swim hats and polo shirts are compulsory wear by all swimmers when at competitions, the items are usually held in stock and can be supplied upon request.

Please complete the Kit Order Form found here and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hand to your squad coach to pass on.
Payment is requested with your order.


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Polo Shirts are stocked in the following sizes. 

Kids (11-13) - 32-34” chest 
Adult - XS - 36” chest 
Adult - S - 38” chest
Adult - M - 40” chest


 £18.00 Each

Hoodies are purchased to order in batches.

Kids (11-13) - 32-34” chest 
Adult - XS - 36” chest 
Adult - S - 38” chest
Adult - M - 40” chest
Adult - L - 42"/44"

 With a zip - £29.00 Each
Without a zip - £25.00
new hat   draw string bag  

Club Hats one size Fits All

 £5.00 Each


Club draw string bag

 £7.50 Each



Hoodies are purchased to order and are ordered in batches on the following dates:


31st January
31st March
31st May
31st July
30th September
30th November


They can be personalized with your swimmers surname on the reverse.

Polo shirts can be ordered in larger sizes if you require.



Second Hand Kit


As a new initiative we will now also hold and supply second hand swimming kit. So if your swimmer has outgrown their fins, or has stopped swimming and does not require a kickboard or pullbouy etc then please pass it to either your squad coach or a member of the committee.


Recommended Kit


We recommend that all swimmers have these pieces of equipment to get the most out of their training.

To find out where you can purchase kit from please visit our recommended suppliers website (Click on Logo above to help the club) Support Modernian SC by purchasing your swim wear and kit through our website with our recommended supplier!

For every order placed via this link from our site, the club receives a small percentage of the proceeds back. This helps with ensuring that the teaching and coaching team are up to date with their Continuous Professional Development and that the club has the advantage of having staff trained to the highest level in the most up to date techniques and goes towards maintaining and/or replacing the clubs own swimming equipment etc

 fins  alignment board  pullbouy

Training Fins

(All Squads)

Alignment Board

(All Squads) 

Solid Pullbouy

(All Squads)

 snorkle  noseclip  handpaddles


(All Squads)

Nose Clip (Optional)

(For use with the snorkel)

Hand Paddles

(All Squads)

 junior finger paddles  tyr hand paddles  Senior Hand Paddles

Junior Finger Paddles

(Junior and Inter Squad)

TYR catalyst hand paddles (small—yellow)

(Inter Squad)

Finger Paddles