Affiliated to the Bed's County ASA and the East Region ASA, Modernian SC aims to encourage and develop its swimmers to achieve their maximum potential

Sponsorship & Fund Raising

Information on Sponsorship

Modernian Swimming Club is an ambitious and growing competitive swimming club.  We are not-for-profit and exist to provide young people with the opportunity to take part in a marvelously healthy sport and to compete to a high level. 

As a club, we would love to continuously improve the standards of our coaching, training and swimming, and to make even more accessible the opportunities available at the club to local people.  In this way we hope to build up a strong tradition of competitive swimming in the Bedford area.   

Swimming is Britain’s most popular mass participation sport.  Many people first learn to swim as an essential life-preserving skill.  They soon find it’s is a great way to keep fit and there are major health benefits associated with swimming.  Swimming is also a sport you can easily continue throughout your life. 

One of the great things about competition is the focus and motivation that it gives to young people, providing the reason to train on a regular basis.  Competitive swimmers learn early the importance of discipline and organisation if they want to progress.    

Swimming demands a huge level of commitment and dedication from those who participate and those who support them.  It is for this reason that Modernian SC is looking for potential sponsors with whom the Club can build a partnership to help develop this great sport locally and to create role models to encourage other young people to become more involved.  

Our aim is to become the top performance swimming club in the East Region, with swimmers who regularly qualify for national competitions, and which is capable of producing swimmers who have the potential one day of representing their country. 

Modernian senior swimmers currently train up to 12 hours in the pool per week, with 3 hours land training on top.  As our group of swimmers progresses, we would like to be able to offer what other top clubs offer - up to 20 hours of pool time per week.  

Our biggest costs are securing sufficient pool time and the best available coaching.  These costs are met by our members through subscription fees.  In addition, our swimmers or their parents spend large sums on kit, entry fees for competitions and travel costs.  The Club is also looking to invest in new technology to ensure that we bring to bear the latest techniques to assist improve performance.  The Club also assists its teachers with Continuous Professional Development courses and updates. We would like to continue to develop the Club, whilst at the same time ensuring that what we can offer remains accessible to as wide a cross-section of our local community as possible. 

To put things into context; £1000 will buy a lane of pool time for approx 18 hours; £500 will buy approx 20 hours of professional coaching time.   

We believe that involvement  with our Club will bring significant benefits to our partners, including:


    1. enhanced profile in the local area, which may be your target market;
    2. direct involvement by the Club in sponsors’ targeted promotional activities;
    3. direct sales via the Club website and members.  Many swimming clubs link-up with a variety of online retailers and when sales are accessed through a swimming club website, then a percentage of the sale accrues to the Club


Modernian SC has a variety of sponsorship opportunities.  These are set out below:    

Structure of Sponsorship Packages. We have three tiers of sponsor: 

Gold - two sponsors at this level with a value of £500 each 
Silver - four sponsors at this level with a value of £250 each 
Bronze - all other sponsors who provide support at £100 or above. 

Prime web branding spot & link 
Kit branding  - polo shirts
2 promotional events per year – Splash Mornings
Promotion at galas organised by MSC
Notice board branding and information 

Secondary web branding spot & link 
Kit branding – swim hats
Newsletter feature  

Recognition on website sponsorship page as one of a group of club sponsors 
Branding on Membership Pack 
Newsletter feature

Swan Print



A big thank you to the Managing Director, David Lawrence. He is an ex-Modernian, as are his wife and two children, and his company has supplied our stationery for the last 3 years for the league galas at Wellingborough. 


TEL: 01234 761700 FAX: 01234 761709 


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