Affiliated to the Bed's County ASA and the East Region ASA, Modernian SC aims to encourage and develop its swimmers to achieve their maximum potential


We have a thriving cohort of young volunteers within the club. Any swimmer from 13 years up can train to help with various roles within the club such as ASA Helper, Assistant teacher, young official etc.

Over the last few years we have trained over 60 ASA Helpers who assist our teachers on a weekly basis with teaching young children to swim in our lessons but who also help out during the holidays when we run our subsidised crash courses, where we offer 5 lessons for £5 specifically for children in the borough whose parents may be able to afford swimming lessons on a regular basis. We have helped over 1500 children to start or to improve their swimming skills on these crash courses.

From 14 years, young volunteers can train to be Officials. They undertake a short course and then are mentored poolside during meets before qualifying as Judges. If they really enjoy this activity, the club will encourage them to undertake further training and mentoring to become Judge Level 2 or on to become Starters and Referees further down the line. Since 2011, we have had around 8-10 swimmers each year take up officiating.

Once our young volunteers reach 16, they are encouraged to train as swimming teachers. The L1 Teaching Aquatics course is not cheap so we can sometimes offer financial help to swimmers keen to qualify. These L1 teachers then run the crash courses for the club 3 or 4 times a year during school holidays. Some of these volunteers do go on to undertake further training to become fully qualified teachers and indeed coaches; skills many have gone on to use whilst at university to earn whilst studying and indeed in one case, they remain with the club as one of our squad coaches.

There are also opportunities to volunteer for any of the roles that the club has such as Officials Coordinator, managing the website etc.

Modernian SC has a few hardy volunteers who just wish to help out on occasions but don’t want to commit to a committee role or coaching or teaching role. These volunteers step up to the mark when we run galas, fundraising events, for club kit, Splash mornings and evenings, sell raffle tickets, hand out newsletters, putting up promotional notices around the town/villages, undertake photocopying and collating, provide homemade cakes for Wednesday evenings and sometimes even help out selling teas and coffees or even something as simple as helping the squads set up the pool for training with lane ropes and backstroke flags and poles. There are many and varied opportunities to help out.



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If you have some spare time and can offer your services, please speak with any member of the committee and we would be delighted to accept all or any of the help you can offer.